• Promote social business entrepreneurship type 1 (based on initiatives linked to medium and large companies in the region)
  • Assistance and training to type 2 social businesses, with the support of university students in support of social-based entrepreneurship.
  • Promotion of academic and applied research in social business
  • Income concentration
  • Inequality
  • Social entrepreneurship


  • Basic Scientific Research (CB): Sustainability of a public policy to promote microenterprise development through civil society in Baja California (2017-2019).
  • In 2017, a total of 118 social businesses (67 undertaken by women) were attended by 48 students from the eighth and ninth semesters of the Faculty of Economics and International Relations, who had a series of trainings on the use of all the instruments and mechanisms used for the operation of the project.
  • National Problems: Models of intervention for the development of capacities and social competencies to combat poverty (2017-2018).
  • Link with more than 60 students (scholarship holders, thesis students, social service providers and professional practices), 118 social businesses, 312 children, 259 adolescents, 374 adults.
  • Two projects are currently being evaluated under the CONACyT and SEP call for proposals.