UABC-Yunus Centre for Social Business and Wellness holds its second Social Business Meeting in the city of Tecate, Baja California.

Date: March 20, 2019 | Place: Faculty of Engineering and Business | By: UABC Yunus Centre


On Wednesday, March 20 was held at the facilities of the Faculty of Engineering and Business the second social business meeting, which was attended by Edith Montiel Ayala, Vice Chancellor UABC Campus Tijuana, Alejandro Mungaray Lagarda, Coordinator of UABC-Centro Yunus; Natanael Ramírez Ángulo, Director of the Faculty of Economics and International Relations; and Oscar Omar Ovalle Osuna, Ana María Vázquez Espinoza and Isidro Basante Gonzáles, Directors of the Faculty of Engineering and Business, Tecate, Guadalupe Victoria and San Quintín, respectively; as well as María Guadalupe Martínez Lugo, representative of local microentrepreneurs.
As part of the activities of the meeting, the extension of the UABC-Yunus Center in Tecate was inaugurated, which is why Dr. Oscar Omar Ovalle was enthusiastic about the beginning of this new stage in the faculty he leads. During the inauguration event, Dr. Mungaray Lagarda highlighted that this event was carried out in order to reflect on the importance of social businesses in the regional environment. He also urged students to consider the option of undertaking initiatives that would have positive effects on their environment.

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There was a talk about the experiences of "Leslie Cheeses" by its representative Guadalupe Martínez Lugo, a microentrepreneur who years ago was assisted by what was previously called CIADMyPE (today UABC-Centro Yunus), where she expressed that the assistance received was fundamental for the success of her business.
There was also an exhibition of different research works in the faculty facilities, where students and academics presented their latest analyses on research and teaching topics for social business, poverty, income concentration, leadership, social intervention, equity and inclusion, unemployment, entrepreneurship, human capital, environment, sustainable development, investment projects, financing, legal and fiscal framework and measurements of the impact of social business.
At the end of the event, Dr. Natanel Ramírez highlighted the commitment to inaugurate two new Yunus centers, one in Guadalupe Victoria and another in San Quintín.