Our history


One element that has characterized UABC-FEyRI is its work of community engagement and social responsibility. A proof of this is the management and structuring of projects that have been carried out over 20 years thanks to the initiatives of this academic unit, which began with the Programme for Research, Assistance and Teaching of Micro and Small Enterprises (PIADMyPE), created in 1999 as a social service project in support of social microenterprises, with resources from the Ford Foundation, the Organization of American States (OAS), the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES) and the Mexican Federal Government through the Ministry of Public Education, the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) and the National Fund for Social Enterprises. The main purpose of this initiative was to contribute to the development of poor or low value-added microenterprises.

The main purpose of this initiative was to contribute with the following objectives:

  • Provide business development services in situ and without cost, to social microenterprises located in the colonies with the highest poverty index.
  • Conduct research on issues related to the development of social microenterprises through the research-action model.
  • Build a teaching-learning model in service for university students.

In 2006, inspired by the teaching model of the PIADMyPE and with the aim of strengthening the link with microenterprises, the program was formalized in the Centre for Research, Assistance and Teaching of Micro and Small Enterprises (CIADMyPE). In 2008, the link with the Government of the State of Baja California and the Federal Government was promoted. With this evolution, the following complementary objectives were established:

  • Convert into a public policy to encourage the development of social microenterprises.
  • Formalize the operation of this type of companies and link them to financing.
  • Incorporate microentrepreneurs into health services.

With a global vision of social innovation, in 2017 the CIADMyPE is transformed into the UABC-Yunus Centre for social business and welfare (UABC-Yunus Centre), with the aim of deepening its vocation of social responsibility, through the development of social community intervention, aimed at strengthening social businesses to solve problems of society in its most vulnerable segments, under the ideas and philosophy of Professor Muhammad Yunus.

UABC Yunus Centre History


Be a center of attention and generation of knowledge for all those social businesses that solve problems of poverty, education, environment, health and welfare of society, through entrepreneurial and supportive activities that help the growth of the economy and improvement of the quality of life.


To be a center of high level of intervention and research for the social development and overcoming of the poverty, through sustainable and productive relations between academic institutions, social businesses, institutions and public and private organizations of Mexico and the world.


Reciprocity, solidarity, identity.